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WORLD PREMIER of the Bonnet's "Go, Adrian!" video, fall tour dates revealed! Wed, 06 Sep 2017 16:04:36 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/world-premier-of-the-bonnets-go-adrian-video-fall-tour-dates-revealed9_1326 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/world-premier-of-the-bonnets-go-adrian-video-fall-tour-dates-revealed9_1326 It's finally here, the video for “Go, Adrian!”, the A-side of the Bonnets’ 7” record The District on Jump Up Records. Shot entirely on iPhones by friends of the band and edited by Lady Hatchet, this video was filmed April 1 and 2 in Washington, DC.

In continuing support of The District, this video trumpets the band's announcement of their tour this fall, heading to Gainesville for an appearance at this year’s FEST. The dates are:

Monday, October 23: Fredericksburg, VA => Spencer Devon Brewery
Tuesday, October 24: Chapel Hill, NC => The Cave
Wednesday, October 25: Charleston, SC => Tin Roof
Thursday, October 26: Atlanta, GA => Star Bar
Friday, October 27: Gainesville, FL => THE FEST
Saturday, October 28: Orlando, FL => The Sloppy Taco Palace
Sunday, October 29: Sanford, FL => West End Trading Company
Monday, October 30: Marietta, GA => Swayze's
Tuesday, October 31: NC => TBA
Wednesday, November 1: Baltimore, MD => Waterfront Hotel

See you soon, Southeast! Can't wait.

Bonnets kick off Adams Morgan Day Fest, 9/10! Wed, 30 Aug 2017 17:01:33 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/bonnets-kick-off-adams-morgan-day-fest-910_1325 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/bonnets-kick-off-adams-morgan-day-fest-910_1325 We had so much fun last year, we're coming back for a second round of fun! We hit at 1:15pm (just after the mayor speaks) on the Songbyrd stage at 18th and Columbia Rd. Free and fun for all!

Bonnets with Chris Murray, 8/1 @ Villian & Saints! Sun, 25 Jun 2017 18:17:33 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/bonnets-with-chris-murray-81-villian-saints_1324 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/bonnets-with-chris-murray-81-villian-saints_1324 Among other summer shows, the Bonnets are psyched to be sharing a stage with our friend, the Canadian-via-California troubador of ska, Chris Murray! Get your tickets here, and we'll see you at the show!

Supernova Ska Fest THIS WEEKEND! Thu, 25 May 2017 15:04:40 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/supernova-ska-fest-this-weekend_1322 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/supernova-ska-fest-this-weekend_1322 The Supernova International Ska Fest is upon us!!! The Bonnets have been waiting for this all year, and it's finally almost here. If you still haven't gotten your tickets for what will be the biggest ska party in America, what are you waiting for??!? You have scant few hours still to purchase them online here: supernovaska.eventbrite.com. The Bonnets are kicking things off on Saturday on the mainstage at 2:45pm, and it's our 7" release party, so don't be late and wear comfortable shoes. You're gonna need 'em; you'll be dancing all weekend!

BIG NEWS! BONNETS TO RELEASE THE DISTRICT 7” ON JUMP UP RECORDS, 5/27 Mon, 08 May 2017 15:27:44 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/big-news-bonnets-to-release-the-district-7-on-jump-up-records-527_1321 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/big-news-bonnets-to-release-the-district-7-on-jump-up-records-527_1321 The Scotch Bonnets will be delivering a love letter of sorts to their sister city Washington, DC with The District, a new seven-inch record on Jump Up Records to be released May 27. The disc features a new, funky reggae version of their original song “Go, Adrian!” backed with their hard-hitting rocksteady take on “Cut From The Cloth”, a song originally penned by The Evens. Both tracks were mixed by The Slacker’s guitarist Agent Jay.

In true DIY artistic spirit, the Bonnets are screen-printing all the cover artwork themselves. It will be a limited pressing of 500 records, all done with colored vinyl (250 in red, 250 in white). This is the latest release for the band since 2014’s Quest on Morphius Records, an EP done in collaboration with HR of Bad Brains. The Bonnets self-released their debut album Live Ya Life in 2013.

The District will be released during the Supernova International Ska Festival, America’s biggest ska party with artists from around the world, which is being held in Fredericksburg, Virginia over Memorial Day Weekend, May 27 and 28. The Scotch Bonnets will also be playing this year’s FEST in Gainesville and are booking a southeast tour from October 23 through November 3.

Bonnets return to BlueBeat with The Snails, 4/20! Wed, 12 Apr 2017 00:48:10 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/bonnets-return-to-bluebeat-with-the-snails-420_1320 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/bonnets-return-to-bluebeat-with-the-snails-420_1320 Psyched to be returning to DC's long-running ska night, Bluebeat! With our Philly friends, The Snails! This one's sure to be a burner!

Opening for The Slackers, 4/1 @ Rock & Roll Hotel! Mon, 13 Mar 2017 18:22:04 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/opening-for-the-slackers-41-rock-roll-hotel_1319 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/opening-for-the-slackers-41-rock-roll-hotel_1319 It's always the best time when the Bonnets open for our brothers from NYC The Slackers! Also playing that night will be our buds from DC, The Captivators. All the details and a link to buy tickets can be found here.

Frozen Harbor NEXT FRIDAY! Sat, 11 Feb 2017 00:58:37 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/frozen-harbor-next-friday_1316 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/frozen-harbor-next-friday_1316 Lots of cool bands at this Baltimore winter festival! Bonnets hit at 9pm on the Nieve stage in Mex Tequila Bar.

Happy New Year, happy birthday, Bob, and all that jazz! Fri, 27 Jan 2017 14:56:36 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/happy-new-year-happy-birthday-bob-and-all-that-jazz_1314 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/happy-new-year-happy-birthday-bob-and-all-that-jazz_1314 Happy New Year, Bonnets fans!

Hatchet here. Sorry it's been a minute since I last updated this website. I don't really have any good excuse, other than I'm usually too busy rocking to be on top of everything. But still! I'm gonna try to be better in the new year (famous last words)...

Anywho, we're coming off a month off from playing because we've been in the studio, hard at work on a NEW ALBUM! Oh man, I can't wait for y'all to hear what we've got cooking. Hopefully, it'll be out in late spring/early summer, to complete a trifecta of 2017 releases. More on those as the time nears...

In the meantime, you can hear some of the new tunes from the upcoming album at any of our upcoming February shows, including this one for Bob Marley's birthday celebration, as well as one in Arlington, VA with our friends The Captivators and The Fuss, and a slot on this year's Frozen Harbor Festival.  

Stick around for all kinds of fun this year. It'll be way more fun with you here. 

Coming to Boston for an epic show with Westbound Train, 9/16! Fri, 26 Aug 2016 17:29:53 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/coming-to-boston-for-an-epic-show-with-westbound-train-916_1309 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/coming-to-boston-for-an-epic-show-with-westbound-train-916_1309 We are soooo stoked to be playing with the mighty Westbound Train at Hatchet's old stomping ground, The Middle East! Come party like it's 1998!

So many AMAZING summer shows! Opening for The Skints! And The English Beat! Mon, 06 Jun 2016 16:38:11 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/so-many-amazing-summer-shows-opening-for-the-skints-and-the-english-beat_1307 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/so-many-amazing-summer-shows-opening-for-the-skints-and-the-english-beat_1307 Hatchet here. Appologies for not updating the site sooner; this past winter I was on a mission to get us more gigs for the summer, and get us gigs I did! Check out our shows page for all our dates. We're most excited to open for "the torchbearers of UK reggae" The Skints on June 17! And then the following week, we have a second appearance opening for The English Beat! Plus, we've got a whole slew of local festival dates, Fairgrouds dates outside Nationals stadium, a run to the beach, good times indeed! Hope to see you there!

2nd time's the charm at Galaxy Hut with Caz, 2/15 Tue, 09 Feb 2016 17:51:31 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/2nd-times-the-charm-at-galaxy-hut-with-caz-215_1303 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/2nd-times-the-charm-at-galaxy-hut-with-caz-215_1303 After that crazy snowstorm turned us all into hermits, we rescheduled this show to give NOVA some post-Valentine's Day love! 

BIGTIME LOCAL SKA NIGHT, NEXT WEEK IN DC! Sat, 09 Jan 2016 23:40:38 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/bigtime-local-ska-night-next-week-in-dc_1301 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/bigtime-local-ska-night-next-week-in-dc_1301 We're partnering up with our pals, The Captivators, as well as fellow locals Free Lobster Buffet and Leon Sound City, for a night of ska at The Rock & Roll Hotel! Show starts at 8, don't be late!

Doc's Night: A Tribute to our brother, the late great Doc Night, January 2 @ Black Cat Tue, 29 Dec 2015 22:55:45 +0000 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/docs-night-a-tribute-to-our-brother-the-late-great-doc-night-january-2-black-cat_1299 http://thescotchbonnets.com/news/docs-night-a-tribute-to-our-brother-the-late-great-doc-night-january-2-black-cat_1299 (Hatchet here. This is the eulogy I wrote that Pablo read at Doc's memorial. If you live anywhere near the DC-area, it would mean the world to us if you came to the show.)

Doctor Night, as I was fond of calling him, lived large. He was a tall guy, and he was my favorite tall guy. Tall girls need to be around tall guys; it helps us look more normal. Not that Doc and I ever looked, or acted, “normal” when we were together. And that was just fine by us.

Doc Night lived loud. Loud in speaking, loud in singing, loud in playing, even loud just walking down the stairs with those big feet of his. Whenever the guys in our band The Scotch Bonnets would say, “Kristin, ya know, Doc’s always singing louder than you. It’s your band and he’s overshadowing you, that’s not cool” I’d just nod my head in agreement. But I never did much about it, other than maybe tell a sound man to be careful of his sound levels, because I never wanted to keep Doc from being himself. Being loud was just a part of that beautiful cacophony that was Doc.

Nobody could eat like Doc. For such a bean pole of a man, he had the appetite of at least two fat boys. We’d be leaving for a gig and, before we could even get out of the neighborhood, Doc would have quietly slipped away, coming back a few minutes later with a big bag of “shnacks:” a footlong sandwich, a tub of macaroni salad, a bag of chips, a little sweet potato pie, a bottle of ice tea, and maybe a bottle of water. And he’d consume everything in the van before we got to the gig and be hungry for more when we got there. He was high-energy and he always said he had a high metabolism. Whatever it was that kept him that thin, if he could’ve bottled it and sold it, he’d have made millions.

It’s funny but when I think back on all the amazing things about Doc, I can’t help but think about those things that drove me crazy but that I’m equally gonna miss: the empty bottles and takeout containers that littered my house after he’d spent the night, the piles of sweat-soaked tee-shirts and fancy hats he’d leave in the van after shows, the way he was often late for local gigs but always made it to the stage just in time to play, the way he’d listen to music on his earbud headphones so loud that you could clearly hear what he was listening to, and the way he’d sit with his eyes closed, head bobbing and occasionally singing along but seemingly to only the most offensive lines in the song. You couldn’t do anything but joke that Doc was prone to outbursts of Tourette’s.

When I first was getting to know Doc he would often tell me wild stories about people he knew, people he played with, and at first I honestly didn’t believe him. I’d been playing music for a bunch of years by then, and I’d heard enough dudes’ ego-trips to know most of them were just lying to me to try to build themselves up and impress me. Why was this crazy maniac any different? No way, Doc. There’s no way you played with Dave Grohl. And then I went to that first Foo Fighters show with him, Pablo, HR, and Grant. None of us had tickets but Grant and HR got in right away because Grant went with HR and HR is, well, HR. The other three of us hung out in my car for the rest of the day, trying to get someone to let us broke musicians into the show but it never happened. However, there was an after party as there always is, so we were determined to get into that. Pablo knew someone working at the first security gate, so we rolled right through it. But there was no budging the guy at the second gate: we didn’t have passes, so we weren’t getting in. That’s when Doc ever so calmly took his phone out of his pocket and called Grant, whom he knew was hanging out with Dave Grohl. Suddenly, I could hear Dave’s voice on the other end of the phone, giddy as a schoolboy, saying “Hi, Doc Night! Hi, Doc Night! Are you at the gate? Do you need me to come get you in?” And when we did get let in and get back to the Foo Fighter’s party, where Dave was grinning from ear to ear as he bounded out of his trailer to gave Doc a big ol’ hug, that’s when the proof was in the pudding, that Doc Night was the real deal.

Nobody played music like Doc. Nobody! It was onstage that all his larger-than-life qualities found a home, coalesced into the monster performer that was he. Doc Night was a musical force of nature, often leaving a trail of dropped saxophones or yanked instrument cables in his wake, but always lighting up the stage and commanding awe and amazement from all who bore witness. Music came naturally to Doc, flowing freely from him like water, like electricity. Doc could do anything. He could front a band, he could play a great sideman and hype guy, he could play sax, sometimes he would even play drums. I loved singing with Doc; he was the Marvin Gaye to my Tammy Terrell. Wherever one of us went, the other would closely follow. If I decided to version out a song, to sing the melody from one song over an open jam section of another song, Doc would come in with a perfect harmony or countermelody within a couple of bars. Doc could, and would often, play or sing songs he didn’t even know. And sometimes this would really stress me out. I’d say, “Doc Night, can you sing such and such song? Are you sure you know all the words??” And he would just say, very calmly, “Oh, of course I can sing that song.” And usually, Doc wouldn’t know all the words but he would just fake it: repeat the few words he did know, scat or hype over the parts he didn’t know, and it was always flawless. Musically, Doc was fearless. He never held back, he always just went for it. He could be soloing on his saxophone in an unfriendly key and it didn’t matter; Doc would just do it for good or bad, and his massive tone (soulful, gritty, complex, and totally unique) would carry him through.

A band Doc, myself, and my other Scotch Bonnets bandmates all really enjoy is The English Beat. The original incarnation of the Beat had an older saxophone player whom they called Saxa in their lineup whose age and experience brought gravitas and cred to the band, whose sax lines were iconic to the Beat’s sound. I alway thought of Doc as my Saxa, that I was lucky to have someone with his wealth of experience in my band. When we toured, Doc’s stories of the DC scene in the 80’s always delighted our fans, hungry for first-hand accounts of an influential musical time and place they’d only read about. As apparent by how many people wrote tributes to him on Facebook, Doc really made an impact on the people he’d met only once or twice. In the midst of my sadness over Doc’s passing, I found comfort in words from our friend Zach Brown when he reminded me that, in the last years of Doc’s life, he was so happy to be playing and touring with the Bonnets, to be out there doing what he was born to do, and we were all so happy to have him there with us.

Family was the central thing to Doc. He loved his parents, his brothers, and he doted upon his children any chance he got. I think it was because love of family was so important to Doc that it made him such a genuine friend. He would always call you to see how you’re doing. That man certainly could TALK (and his phone calls could easily become an epic, hour-long gabfest) but he also knew how to listen. He was one of the most supportive and encouraging friends I knew. I’ll miss his counsel, not only on the band, but on matters of the heart. Doc understood heartbreak and, to the end, just wanted someone to love. He saw value in me that I don’t always see in myself and was always there to build me up when I was feeling down. Doc was the guy in the band who, when I would get overwhelmed and driven to tears, would comfort me, give me the biggest, best hug and help me pull myself together so I could keep moving forward. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to go on without him in The Scotch Bonnets. The hole he leaves is large enough to swallow most people…

You could have uncomfortable conversations with Doc and he would be accepting of them, even if the things you were telling him were things he didn’t want to hear. It takes a very big person to do this and, as I’ve said before, Doc was huge. He had the best smile of anyone, ever. Just like everything else about him, it was huge, it was toothy, sometimes goofy, and always heart-warming. You couldn’t help but smile whenever Doc smiled.

They say the brightest lights burn out too quickly. But I wouldn’t say that about Doc. His light shined just as bright as many he lost along the way and yet he still had enough time in this life to have a family, raise two kids, play in countless bands, travel a bit, and make thousands of friends. I would say that Doc was just too large, his spirit was too big for the confines of this small world and that it needed more space to move, to spread its wings to their full span. Or you could simply say he missed his mama. I am certain he is with her again, and now they both have the expanse of the universe in which to play and sing and laugh and be free. I’ll miss you fiercely, Doc Night but the show must go on, as I know this is what you’d want. To the musicians in attendance today, I say play on for Doc! To those who don’t play but love music, dance for Doc! I know he will always be with us in the music. He will be smiling, and therefore we can smile too. Thank you very much, one love…